People of today: Monaco twins come before Christmas.

November 19th, 2014

The twins expected by Princess Charlène of Monaco are probably see the light of day before Christmas. Prince Albert II., 56, from about mid-December for the birth of his children, he said in an interview of the Monaco-Matin newspaper published on Wednesday. Well, there go the expectant mother Charlène, 36,: she’s allowed, I make but sure that she protects so that everything goes well, the Prince said. The Princess was released on Wednesday, although not of the traditional Catholic mass of the Monegasque national holiday. Charlène was along the waiting Monegasques but at midday from a balcony of the Palace with the husband. She welcomed the crowd in a black wool dress with a cream-colored shawl. There was even a kiss for her Albert. The double birth was actually around calculated around Christmas, it said. Because however it’s twin pregnancy one, that will be certainly about ten days before the case. He prefer not to know the sex of the baby – in contrast to the mother. Charlène hats the secret before him, as he had requested it, so Albert. . For more information regarding this subject visit

Interstellar: crux is the character of the black hole.

November 19th, 2014

That Nolan with Kip Thorne, formerly Professor at the prestigious California of technology, has integrated a legend of theoretical physics as a consultant institutions, spread media effectively in the course of the application of the Hollywood Strip. Thorne was at an early stage in the development of the script and to the final production of the film as a scientific Companion. He has tried as far as possible theoretically to secure the gimmicks of the plot to black holes, Wormholes and time travel. I’m sure that the critics on the net at such an array of hard science set a particularly strict views on the result. Well, I’ll say this for interstellar: it eventually ended. -He executed Phil Plait (@BadAstronomer) November 4, 2014, on Slate, which has displeased him exactly. (And now can be unfortunately hardly avoid spoilers.) The scene on the first planet, McConaughey and his team visit there. He is good knee covered with water, 130 per cent of the Earth’s gravity and dances on the edge of a black hole. Plait is leading, that the equations of general relativity require a stable orbit around a black hole must have at least the triple amount of the hole. The water planet could therefore not as closely as shown revolve around the black throat. In the guardian be sword is the astrophysicist Roberto Trotta from Imperial College London, a planet in such close proximity to a black hole must by the tidal forces that trigger its gravity, Klump tearing. Also, X-rays emanating from the disk of dust and gas around a black hole is so powerful that no one would survive. The dust disk itself already had a high temperature, everything in his environment would evaporate. Interstellar had a painting by science, but at its core, the film was so consistent, he assumed that by itself, says Trotta. . Inspirational facts could be studied reading this home page.

Video: After violence in Jerusalem: Israel destroys House of suspected Assassin.

November 19th, 2014

The building had been destroyed before dawn, police and military said. The 21 year-old Abdel-Rahman Schaludi had been shot by the police during an escape attempt late October, after he had hit a tram stop and hit two people with his car. Schaludis family speaks of a traffic accident. The uncle of Schaludi: to be honest I think it was a hasty decision by Benjamin Netanyahu. This demolition is pushing only towards another excessive violence in this country. It is not useful to calm the situation. He wants to stoke the atmosphere further. I think that this decision is wrong and racist. Obviously, his main reason is to intimidate the Palestinians. Israel’s army had demolished houses of Palestinian militants for decades or demolished, 2005 but made this approach. On Tuesday, two Palestinian bombers in one of the worst attacks in Jerusalem killed four worshippers in a synagogue for years. According to eye witnesses, they went with firearm and meat Cleaver on the visitors of the House of God, before the police succeeded to strike down the attacker. A police officer who was shot at the scene, later succumbed to his injuries. The Palästineser in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, however, the two bombers celebrated on Tuesday openly as heroes. They distributed sweets and showed their weapons. PLACES: JERUSALEM (ISRAEL), RAFAH (Gaza Strip) close. Inspirational data could be read clicking this link.

North Korea reinforces axis with Moscow: cancelled debt and investment incentives.

November 19th, 2014

According to many analysts the trip, announced by the official North Korean Kcna Agency, is the latest in a series of diplomatic steps by the regime decided to emerge from isolation, as he tries to shake allegations of human rights violations. The investigation concluded by the United Nations did not exclude that the same Kim Jong Un may risk ending up in front of the International Criminal Court, while the country remains under international sanctions in response to nuclear and ballistic tests conducted in defiance of Un resolutions. As the sudcoreanoHankyoreh newspaper, the visit could also be aimed at preparing a hypothetical face-off between the young North Korean leader and Putin. North Korea and Russia share borders along a small portion of the territory (about 19 kilometers) in the northeast of the people’s Democratic Republic. The last major agreement concerns the frontier and the agreement within 30 days to repatriate undocumented migrants that move between the two countries. The agreement, however, leaves room for manoeuvre to the Russians, in particular to prevent the repatriation of exiles, refugees and defectors, that in the event of return to Korea could be harassed and subjected to torture, punishment, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment. In the last year on Pyongyang-Moscow axis have been initialled other important agreements. In may, the Russians wiped out about 90 percent of North Korean debt, dating back to the Soviet era. The Korea has loosened its rules for granting visas to investors of the Federation. While a few weeks ago the Russian commitment to invest 25 billion dollars in the modernization of three thousand kilometres of North Korean railways and the rouble to trade between the two countries. The background of this report there are on the one hand, the renewed interest in Moscow to look East, also as a result of the crisis in Ukraine and tensions with the United States and the European Union. Regarding North Korea, the strategy depends in part on the cooling of relations with China. Within the Chinese leadership has opened the debate on whether or not to rethink its alliance with Pyongyang. In particular, with the crisis triggered last year by the third nuclear test conducted in Beijing in February, there are those who believe North Korean attitudes harmful to Chinese interests. . Inspirational data may be studied reading this

I saw the injured, the blood, the knife attack on synagogue in Jerusalem.

November 19th, 2014

There is the town in fear after the brutal attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem. FOCUS online has talked to a mother who firsthand witnessed the attack, and with a usage helpers, who arrived as one of the first on the scene. Morning to before 7: 00 it is short NOF still quietly on the streets in the Jerusalem District of Har (translated: Outlook Hill). Vans bring food in the shops, Palestinian workers are on the way to construction sites, religious make up the morning prayer in the synagogue. I go in the morning run, since the atmosphere is so peaceful, told neighbour Sarah Abraham. But this morning that changed abruptly: the two Palestinians Ghassan and Oday Abu Jamal penetrate with axes, knives and guns in the local synagogue and organised a massacre. Judging by the pictures a massacre takes place in the Jewish House of God: preliminary conclusion with regard to the Tuesday Lunch: Rabbi Aryeh Kanwal (43), Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg (58), Rabbi Calman Levine and Rabbi Moshe Twersky (59), are dead. Eight more Israelis are hurt, shot two police officers, who shot two Arabs, traumatized the neighbors. And a city in fear. Me somebody called to go on the road, that I should pass directly to the synagogue, because there would be a problem, says Sarah Abraham. Therefore, the Jerusalemerin take the parallel road. She doesn’t know that the assassin through precisely this door on this side of the road in the synagogue are gone. Her voice breaks as she speaks on the phone exclusively with FOCUS online. Sarah throws herself on the floor. What happened in the minutes after, can not exactly tell. The mother of several children is in a State of shock. She remember how she remembers that she knows someone next door, knocks on the door as she and turns stunned on the balcony. I saw the whole wounded, the blood, the knife, she says. Worse, however, is, that they are at once in Har NOF no longer secure feel. Previously the problems at the wailing wall in the old town, on the market, but not in our district! calling them. Then she must go, pick up their children from kindergarten. I want to bring them home safe now for the first time. . For additional facts regarding this subject visit link.

With or without law, the Sunday work is gaining ground.

November 19th, 2014

More and more people to work on Sunday and less on Saturday, while on weekends remains a time of sharing and rest for a majority of French, according to a study by Insee published on Wednesday. While the pr Government sees flexibility in the work of the Sunday trade, project activity stimulus bill, which must be pr sent in December by the economy Minister Emmanuel Macron. In his France 2014 Edition, social portrait, Insee a analys the time of persons 15 years and over, on weekends compared to the rest of the week, and his revolution of 1986 2010. In 2010, 24% of persons in employment worked at least one hour on weekends. Sales stable rest on 25 years, as the average workload of these people time (6 hours per day). But this stability conceals decreased Saturday and an increase on Sunday, says the study. For example, 30% of persons in employment worked over an hour Saturday in 2010, compared with 36% in 1986. On Sunday, this proportion is 13% 17% on the m e pass me period. Sunday work touches so more and more people, noted Insee. This is especially true when taking into account all persons working Mani re habitual or occasional Sunday, or 31% of persons in employment by 2010. The weekend work is concentrated in certain sectors of activity such as agriculture, the h hotel-catering, trade, or transport, with more of a worker in three on the bridge on Saturday or Sunday. In 25 years, the share of people working more than one hour a weekend day increased among pending ind, from 35% 54%, and s employees (29% in 2010 compared with 25% in 1986). This trend was however e invers among executives and professions lib Rails (21% in 2010, compared with 35% in 1986). The weekend remains a time of rest for the bulk of the French: only 22% of those over 15 years working on Saturday or Sunday in 2010, against more than half during the week. On Saturday, racing in journ e and outputs the evening are preferred IM es. On Sunday, it is the rest family that premium, with an hour of sleep and half an hour of t l vision additional compared to the other days of the week. Finally, the weekend is also the opportunity for men to take care of children and domestic tasks t, still widely assum by women. They spend them so a time significantly more lev on weekends than weekdays (+ 42% for men, + 9% for women), a sign of a certain r balancing within couples weekend, after the study. � . Original facts may be read clicking this url.

Sudden stop to the decline in wage inequality since the crisis.

November 19th, 2014

"Then wage income inequality generally fall between 2002 and 2007, it is no longer the case between 2007 and 2012," details the national Institute of statistics and economic studies in its latest report on the "social Portrait" of the France. At issue, according to the authors of the study: "an increase in inequalities at the bottom of the wage scale", suffered 10% of people who receive the lowest incomes. Their threshold dropped 0.2% in constant euros annually in the five years that followed the outbreak of the crisis (2007-2012). There was a significant increase previously (+ 2.1% per year over 2002-2007). Conversely, near the median – half wages earns less, the other more-, which amounted to 18 070 net euros in 2012, "are progressing now faster than lower, thus increasing inequalities. Insee keeps however conclude to an increase of the latter. Indeed, at the same time, "the differences continue to narrow slightly" in the upper half of the wage scale. In addition, Insee notes that the social and fiscal reforms of 2013 ‘have led to a slight decrease in inequalities in living standards’ "by involving more the more affluent. Among these reforms, the family income cap and a new 45% tax bracket. Thanks to the reforms undertaken, the average standard of living of the richest 10% is only 6.5 times higher than that of the poorest 10%. Without them, the report ‘ would have been to 6.6′, concludes Insee. . Related facts can be found reading

Veronesi shock: “after Auschwitz, cancer is proof that God does not exist”.

November 18th, 2014

ROME-after Auschwitz, cancer is another proof that God does not exist. The tough stance comes from Umberto Veronesi, who writes that "the job of man", his latest book published by Einaudi. Facing a child consumed by an incurable tumor, Veronesi doesn’t believe pi that there is truth revealed, there are no words to soothe the suffering of their parents. From a childhood experienced by an altar boy, the noted oncologist has discussed deeply the pain, showing the evolution of his thought, now among the secular and agnostic. Republic has posted excerpts on the network, such as the passage about God: I couldn’t say what was my first day without God. Definitely after the experience of war did not put ever more foot in a church, but the sunset of the faith was started much earlier. During high school I was rejected twice, I was a discolo literally: no I did well in school. In fact I’ve always been Maverick, rebellious to the clichés and conventions accepted uncritically, and this my nature does not conform with the fundamentalism of Catholic doctrine which had been the Foundation of my child’s education. To mark the life of Verona was also the war: at eighteen I didn’t want to go to battle, but ended up in a RAID and found myself wearing a uniform that had no value for me and was well armed to kill other children, in all respects equal to me except that wore a different uniform. In addition to the massacres of fighting, I witnessed at first hand the madness of Nazism and I couldn’t do not ask me, as did Hannah Arendt before Benedict XVI and many years later: where was God in Auschwitz?. The choice to make your doctor deeply tied me searching for the source of the evil that the concept of God could not explain. At first I wanted to do the psychiatrist to understand where the mind was born free madness that could cause the horrors they had witnessed. As I approach to medicine, for, I accidentally came across an evil even more inexplicable war, cancer. . For extended data regarding this matter read info.

Thousands of demonstrators against the austerity”through the France.

November 15th, 2014

"No to the austerity of the Valls Government policy. This was the slogan of the event which brought together several thousand people this Saturday in Paris to the call of the "Alternative to the austerity" (3A) collective, composed of parties from the left of the left, unions and associations. In the capital, the parade between Place Denfert-Rochereau and the National Assembly met between 7 500 people, according to the prefecture of police, and 30,000 people, according to 3A.   The collective also organized some 30 demonstrations in several provincial towns, including Toulouse, Bordeaux or Strasbourg ‘against the ineffective austerity budget’, which must be voted on Tuesday to the Assembly, and the "increased repression of social, ecological and citizens movements", following the death of Rémi Fraisse to Sivens, in the Tarn.   In Toulouse, the demonstrators were 2,600, according to the police, 5 count. 000 to 6. 000, according to the CGT. According the organizers, they were 200 in Strasbourg and 300 in Bordeaux.  In total, according to the collective, "100,000 people were on the street in France." In the Parisian procession, fluttered side-by-side flags of party of left (PG), the Communist Party (PCF) or the new anticapitalist party (NPA). Stickers and signs new deal knew those overall, Confederal or Europe ecology the Greens again. Officials of feminist associations, combat unemployment, trade unionists of the CGT, Solidaires, FO or FSU were also present. According to Eric Coquerel, Coordinator of the left party "100 organizations (were) mobilised", adding that it was "the greatest diversity policy Association and associative since the election of François Holland, on this side of the political spectrum." "Those who want to sell us finance, people respond resistance!" chanted demonstrators at the head of the procession. Alongside them, of many elected officials, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon (PG), Marie – George Buffet (FCP), Olivier Besancenot (NPA), Isabelle Attard (new deal), Clémentine Autain (together) or Liem Hoang-Ngoc, former MEP PS representing "afflicted Socialists. «François Hollande should understand that it is not our King, it is just our elected», has launched Jean-Luc Mélenchon (PG). "It was not elected to cut public spending, cover police assaults, despise the lives of ordinary people, and pretend it’s courage, that amputate them what they need every day", he blasted. For Olivier Besancenot (NPA), who hopes a "social explosion in scope" in the weeks to come to bend the Valls, the 2015 budget Government "is a painful invoice presented to millions of people, to pay for a gift that was made to the employers, which is the Covenant of responsibility. This gift, we pay with job losses, particularly in the public service. (. . . ) It will not relinquish the case. ""This event is a starting point for us,"explained Pierre Laurent, national Secretary of the Communist Party. "I don’t expect the current Government to change policy, I see although it persists against the wishes of his constituents. I believe in the collected strength of the people to demand this change of Government. » . You can visit this info to discover extra about this amazing subject.

Who’s afraid can?.

November 15th, 2014

Said today it would be difficult to be alarmed because there has not been realization of measures intended to take this party to "change the production model of Spain", nor to ensure that essential public services are for all citizens by the fact of being it. "What is scary is not to end of month; What is scary is child poverty". To claims of this nature, it would be strange that someone was against, neither right nor left-wing. If anything characterises the leader of the new party is its proverbial ability to tie the loose ends. His detachment towards the characterization of being right or left pointed out at the opening ceremony that problems affect all although solutions have left owners. Now begins the day of reckoning for can and knows their leader and 62 of the citizen Council elected members via the Internet by almost 80. 000 people. They now know that them shall be the magnifying glass over the letter because the music is no longer enough. Today has struck with Miguel Hernández poems and songs by Mercedes Sosa and Luis Llach. Yes been enthusiasm and hope. "The smile has changed sides", proclaimed churches. . Extended facts can be read checking reference.